Ayam Masak Oh

Ayam Masak Oh


Ayam Masak Oh past Chicken, Root Ginger, Soy Bean Paste, Garlic, Garlic, Potatoes, Water, Black Soy Sauce, Canola Oil, buoyant Soy Sauce

The ingredient of Ayam Masak Oh

  1. 1/2 chicken
  2. 3 inches root ginger piece, slice to nearly 3/4 cup of julienned ginger strips
  3. 2 tablespoons soy bean cement fermented
  4. 8 cloves garlic pounded to a glue gum
  5. 3 cloves garlic sliced thinly
  6. 5 potatoes peeled and quartered
  7. 3 cups water
  8. 1 teaspoon black soy sauce
  9. 3 tablespoons canola oil
  10. spacious soy sauce to taste, if necessary

The instruction how to make Ayam Masak Oh

Nutritions of Ayam Masak Oh

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